A Distant Enemy by Deb Vanasse

A Distant Enemy

In Books, Young Adult by Deb Vanasse

At age twenty-one, Deb Vanasse was dropped by a bush pilot on a gravel runway in middle of the Alaska wilderness. No roads, no houses, no cars, no people—only a winding brown slough and tundra spread flat as prairie. She had come not for adventure but to live, an isolating but evocative experience that inspires much of her work.

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“A gripping story…powerful commentary on the conflict of cultures as well as an inspiring story of a turning point in a young boy’s life.” ~Kirkus Reviews

“Vanasse is right on target in her depiction of existence in a contemporary Alaskan village and her descriptions of the tundra are lovingly drawn.” ~School Library Journal

“…a vivid portrait of modern Eskimo lifestyles, conflicts and fears while rendering a sensitive account of one teenager’s coming of age.” ~Publisher’s Weekly

On the vast, wind-blown tundra of Alaska, survival is no game. But as the old ways slip away, anger pushes fourteen-year-old Joseph into a series of confrontations that pit him against an unforgiving wilderness that will test him mentally as much as physically. To survive, he will need the courage to see his world anew.