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“Readers have access to all the words they want, for free, on the internet. They don’t need your book, or mine. Not unless it’s truly worth reading.” ~V


On Craft

Vanasse has been editing manuscripts professionally for a decades. She’s seen it all — the good, the bad, and the almost-there. In this practical, generous how-to, Vanasse offers her experience and wisdom to help writers develop their best work.

“Some of the best advice available today on the craft of writing.” Tanyo Ravicz, author of Ring of Fire

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On Marketing

With dramatic changes in publishing, it’s a wild and exciting time to be an author. But how to choose what’s best for your book? Lots of advice out there is unsound and untested.

Enter  Vanasse’s practical guide to book production, promotion, and living the writer’s life, no matter how you publish.

“I wish I had read it before I ventured into the publishing world. It might have saved me a lot of grief.” Stephanie Cole, author of Compass North

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Self-Made Writer

The blog that inspired two books and thousand of readers.

An archive of six years’ worth of research and insights, with Vanasse’s characteristic focus and voice.

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“Of all the emotional clichés, tough love most applies to the work of the writer.
In revision, you must be brutal, objective, and tough—none of that warm fuzzy stuff.” ~V


DARE TO: Write to mood music

Write to the mood of your scenes and characters!

This cool website and app lets you pick a mood then delivers a stream of great music to fit. A great tool for inspiring just the right tone.

Dare to write to STEREO MOOD

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DARE TO: Feed hungry with your vocab
Feed the hungry with your vocab knowledge

For each correct answer, participating companies donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Program.

Play and feed the hungry
DARE: V’s poetry challenge
Vanasse begins her writing day with poetry. “It’s an inspiration and a challenge,” she says.

The Dare: Read today’s poem at Poetry Daily. Use the last word to inspire your own poem.

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“Attachment for its own sake is deadly.” ~V


Editor Personal editing services for writers in all genres.
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Whether a writer is fine-tuning, looking for line edits, or struggling with pulling together plot, character, voice, pacing, and content, Vanasse’s expertise, experience, and wisdom have made a huge difference for authors who invest in their work.

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Presenter Conferences, workshops, schools, events.
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Vanasse is available for a limited number of writers’ conferences and workshops each year as well as events that promote literacy. As a former teacher, she does her best to accommodate all the classroom presentations she can.

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Email to inquire about editing or event presentations.