"One of Alaska’s leading storytellers"
~Library Journal
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Secrets put this mother and daughter to the test…

In precise and evocative prose, the parallel stories of a mother who risks everything to start over and a daughter whose longings threaten to undo them. joker123

Grabs you from the opening line and never lets go. Publishers Weekly

Vanasse is talented: she can turn ordinary words into the sublime…Readers who enjoy richly drawn characters trying to make sense of their surroundings will enjoy this cool and refreshing, yet haunting, glimpse of flawed souls. Foreword Reviews pussy88

Captures the harsh beauty of the terrain as well as the strain of self-doubt and complicated family bonds. Booklistive22

By one of Alaska’s leading storytellers . . .complicated family and community dynamics, death, teenage drama, and the pressures of living a subsistence lifestyle in a tiny isolated town. Library Journal 

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Riveting Klondike history as you’ve never heard it before…

Kate Carmack, first called Shaaw Tláa, played a pivotal role in events that changed the North—and the world. Her biography gives voice to a survivor who, against all odds, ultimately reclaimed her true wealth. buy dnp

Best of the West | Women      True West Magazine

“Vanasse’s carefully researched, beautifully written biography, Wealth Woman, helps to fill many of the information gaps in the chronology of Kate’s event-filled multi-cultural life. . . . There is much to learn, enjoy, and recommend in this book.” Pacific Northwest Quarterly

“A very enjoyable biography of a woman on the cusp of change in the North. Recommended.” Choice pussy88

“This is a riveting story told by a brilliant writer.” Pacific Historical Review

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