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Bad Book Club: The Gender Gap

The book club gender gap: 96% of book clubs members are women. What can society do to help men close the tragic sexual divide? ...
Bad Book Club April: Lit-Snooty

Bad Book Club: Lit-Snoot

What's the book club snoot factor? The raw truth, by the numbers, from Book Browse: Classics and "lighter books" get nearly equal attention from book clubs. But bestsellers and recent releases trump "serious books." Take that, Barbie! ...

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Bad Book Club: It’s My Book, Baby!

Admit it. Your book club discussions digress. Thoughts to feelings to recipes to why do husbands resist taking the trash out. But hey, you HAVE taken your love of reading to a new level ...

Manzanita Writers’ Series Presents

Authors in Conversation:  Carrie Ojanen & Deb Vanasse Saturday, September 21, 2019   7 p.m. Hoffman Arts Center, Manzanita, OR Admission $7 What comes to mind when you think about Alaska? Perhaps the Klondike Gold Rush of yesteryear or the ongoing ...

When the Book’s Just Too Long…

Jimmy Kimmel has a point. Some books take a LONG time to read. But fear not. There's a solution. If your book club needs more time for wine and discussion and, well,  more wine, maybe you need to revisit some ...

Deb’s Pribilof Journal

A visit to the Pribilof Islands inspired Deb’s next release, Roar of the Sea (Feb. 2022). From her (temporary) desk ten years ago, the first installment of her thoughts from that journey. April 24, 2011 A beautiful Easter morning in ...


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