““Of all the emotional clichés, tough love most applies to the work of the writer.
In revision, you must be brutal, objective, and tough—none of that warm fuzzy stuff.” ~V



Write to mood music
Write to the mood of your scenes and characters!

This cool website and app lets you pick a mood, then delivers a stream of great music to fit. A great tool for inspiring just the right tone.

Dare to write to STEREO MOOD


Cliche challenge
Every writer does it. Some more than others.

At Cliche Finder, you can paste in a passage of your writing and see how much you’ve relied on cliches.

Dare to Check Your Cliches!
Feed the hungry with vocab
Feed the hungry with your vocab knowledge

For each correct answer, participating companies donate ten grains of rice to the World Food Program.

Play and feed the hungry
Vanasse poetry challenge
Vanasse begins her writing day with poetry. “It’s an inspiration and a challenge,” she says.

The Dare: Read today’s poem at Poetry Daily. Use the last word to inspire your own poem.

Take the Poetry Dare

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