Out of the Wilderness by Deb Vanasse

Out of the Wilderness

In Books, Young Adult by Deb Vanasse

At age twenty-one, Deb Vanasse was dropped by a bush pilot on a gravel runway in middle of the Alaska wilderness. No roads, no houses, no cars, no people—only a winding brown slough and tundra spread flat as prairie. She had come not for adventure but to live, an isolating but evocative experience that inspires much of her work.

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“[A] chilling winter’s tale.” ~Publisher’s Weekly

“The complex interplay of feelings in this troubled family, set against the pristine beauty of backwoods Alaska, imbues an already compelling read with a refreshing combination of action and psychological depth.” ~Kirkus Reviews

Survival. It makes for exciting TV, but all Josh wants is a life that passes for normal. A real house, not a cabin in the woods. Hockey, not hunting to put food on the table. Girls. But his half-brother, Nathan, wants to prove himself in the Alaska wilderness, and their father won’t let him do it alone. Josh’s prospects brighten when an intriguing girl visits remote Willow Creek, but Shannon is entranced with his brother. As Nathan’s behavior grows stranger—and more dangerous—Josh confronts the dark side of what it means to be his brother’s keeper.