Write Your Best Book: What Every Author Should Know by Deb Vanasse

Write Your Best Book: What Every Author Should Know

In Books, Books on Writing by Deb Vanasse

As a co-founder of 49 Writers, the wildly successful Alaska writers’ organization, and a popular blogger on writing topics as well as author of 16 published books, Vanasse offers a unique and trusted perspective for writers who care about words.

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“Some of the best advice available today on the craft of writing.” ~Tanyo Ravicz, author of Ring of Fire

“An excellent resource for writers who are serious about their work.” ~Stephanie Cole, author of Compass North

Books are forever.  So why not make yours the best?

Readers want books they’ll love, books that will stay with them long after they’ve finished, books that will make them eager to read more from the same author. No amount of marketing can overcome a lackluster plot or poor writing. If you want readers — and lots of them — your book has to be your best.

Whether fiction or nonfiction, whether published on your own or through a traditional press, your book will benefit from the perspectives and strategies of well-published author and editor Deb Vanasse.